Tablets have become devices that strike the perfect balance between smartphones and laptops. A tablet based on a mobile operating system platform can be defined as a portable notebook computer. Tablets look, feel and function very differently from smartphones, acting as mini-notebooks, an upgraded version of a smartphone that you carry with you wherever you go. After reading the reasons, if you want to buy tablets, get on tablet offers christmas. There are reasons why tablets are better than your smartphones

  1. Tablets are cheaper than smartphones.

In addition to being thinner and lighter, a tablet has the distinct advantage of having the same potential to be less expensive than a smartphone. Tablets are much cheaper than most brands’ flagship smartphones. Plus, tablets are a great way to keep smartphone prices down. Most of the time, an expensive smartphone can cost twice as much as a typical cheap tablet, making the tablet’s features worth the money.

  1. Tablets have longer battery life than smartphones.

When it comes to battery life, most tablets beat smartphones. They also have much better battery life than laptops! Smartphones tend to heat up when it comes to batteries, tablets, on the other hand, last forever, even when pushed beyond their limits. For example, when you use some battery-hungry apps on your smartphone, the battery starts to drain for a few hours.

  1. Tablets are Less Cumbersome than Smartphones

You can’t take your laptop with you when you’re travelling, in a taxi, or catching a flight. Let’s face it – it’s not fun at all. Because, with a laptop, you need to find a relatively stable and flat surface to mount it on. Moreover, it has to be opened to view the screen or type on the keyboard. And with a tablet, you can walk around knowing it’s easy to turn on in any environment.

  1. Watch videos online better

When you’re lounging on the couch and want to use apps like Vimeo or YouTube to access your favourite online video channels, a tablet is your best bet. Due to the large display size, tablets dominated and beat smartphones by a large margin. When it comes to consuming media across platforms, tablets make things much more fun and convenient than smartphones.

  1. Be good at reading books and news

One of the biggest appeals of tablets is their ability to entice people to read full-length articles, e-books, novels, etc. In a relaxed manner. There are many news apps for smartphones. However, due to their screen size and other constraints such as battery issues, they are less immersive.

  1. Tablets are better than smartphones in real work.

To a lesser extent, apps like Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs are also available as smartphone-only variants, but spreadsheets, presentations, and documents are difficult to accurately view, let alone edit, on an expensive smartphone. Leave it. And on a tablet, you can not only reduce work to pure fun but also edit all those applications just like you can on a laptop.


Tablets have always been an irresistible quirk. Still, some of their features may (sometimes) be present on some smartphones. But equating smartphones with tablets is ridiculous. Read More

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