If you want your business’ videos to stand out in the noise with so many films competing for consumers’ attention, animation will aid in gaining the engagement you require. Most consumers prefer watching videos to reading them. So, the rise of video in content marketing will be driven by consumer choice.

Moreover, videos will be used to generate leads and convert visitors. A lot of prospective customers want to avoid speaking with salespeople. Videos and animations can have an impact on sales further down the funnel. To determine which videos are effective in various contexts, there will be a lot of experimentation. So, how do you introduce a video’s hooks, calls to action, and introductions? In this blend, animation has some staying power, though.

There are a number of reasons why animation is more effective than other visual media:

The Animation Grabs The Viewer’s Attention

Internet consumers only pay attention to a video for this long because they have short attention spans. Animation is less frequently used as a marketing tool. So animated videos are more likely to catch people’s attention than conventional commercials.

For example: 

Google Doodles are a good illustration. We can’t help but click on these adorable animations.

Complicated Subjects Are Simplified Through Animation.

Animation brings ideas to life in a way that simple videos cannot. Consider this: You can give your characters unlimited dialogue options, the ability to fly, and time travel. You may demonstrate how systems and processes function with the aid of animation. Tell me which type of video will have the greatest impact on your intended audience. The answer is straightforward. A motion animation video! Professional animation companies like Glowza Digital are the best when it comes to creating storyboards and scripts that leave an impression.

For example:

TED-Ed is a superb illustration of the use of animation to explain concepts. If you haven’t already, you should consider subscribing to their YouTube channel. It has over 3 million subscribers and is one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube.

Animation is used in the majority of the team’s videos. It clarifies issues that might otherwise be complex, such as how your diet impacts your brain or the science behind the “hardest step” in ballet.

Memories Are Recalled By Animation.

Most of us relate watching cartoons to happy childhood memories. One of the strongest emotions that animation can evoke in us is nostalgia. Studies show that nostalgia has the ability to block out all the bad feelings and combat sadness.

Even when talking about business or receiving education, people still enjoy being entertained. The more interesting your video is, the more people will share it on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. The enjoyment element receives a 10-point boost from animation.

Do you want motivation? Watch Motion Authors’ adorable Lumberjack Party animated video. It is endearing, humorous, and enjoyable. A video only needs a few things to become popular and spread like wildfire over social media.

Almost Anything Can Benefit From Animation.

Any marketing purpose, including infographics, video advertisements, and release announcements, benefits from animation. Marketers from illustrious firms are aware of the trend. This is why, out of the 50 top explainer videos, just seven are without animation. So, you can hire Glowza Digital for any of these services!

Animated-vs-Non Animated

The cost of making animation is relatively low. Using animation for your social media platforms has many benefits, one of which is that it is less expensive than live footage. It would cost thousands of dollars to produce a video. finding a spokesman, actors, and filming and editing. A superb animated explainer video can be made with a fraction of this effort.

What Will Video Marketing’s Potential Be?

Consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all global internet traffic by the end of the year. Online video will predominate. The main format for information consumption online will be video.

How to Make Animated Videos A Part Of Your Social Media Strategy?

We ought to have persuaded you by this point to incorporate more animation into your social media channels. To ensure the success of your video strategy, you should keep a few things in mind.

Keep Your Videos Brief, Especially on Facebook, Where They Are Typically Nearly Ten Times Shorter Than Those on YouTube. A fantastic illustration of how well-performing short videos can be on Facebook is Tasty by BuzzFeed.

Be Mindful Of The Autoplay:

Videos in the news feed begin playing on their own. As a video producer, you should be able to capture viewers’ interest from the very first frame. Additionally, keep in mind that the News Feed’s videos play silently. Even without music, they should draw attention. An animation could perform wonders in this regard.

Make People Feel Good About Themselves:

When making videos for social media, you should be mindful that viewers will see your work in the News Feed alongside photos from friends and status updates from relatives. Make your video appealing to the audience if you want it to receive more likes and shares. After all, people only give information that enhances their appearance in front of others.


Finally, incorporating all of these strategies into your video will not only benefit your business but will also improve your animation skills. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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