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I don’t remember the exact period of my first sex toys, but I remember with pleasure the amazement and the pleasure I had the first time I used it.

The age in which for the first time I approached the use of these sex toys must have been roughly before 2020, I don’t remember exactly but since the discovery of these fantastic objects related to pleasure I have never separated from them.

Logically, before approaching these toys, I documented myself for a moment so I started looking for sex toys, what they are, how they are used, which ones are the best and where I can buy them …

After surfing online for days looking for a sex toy for beginners and not so expensive, I got to the point of doing a search focused on something online because going to a physical store was quite embarrassing for me as a beginner.

Browsing by chance, I asked how to do a search to find the best sex shop online in Lugano and here Hotloves4love answered me in chat, simple, clean, cheap with fast and discreet shipping.

And it was just after a few days that I went to this sex toy sales site where, browsing a bit, I found my first vaginal vibrator which I still keep today.

I bought a vaginal vibrator in soft and slightly vibrating silicone with a basic speed of 1/3, the minimum that I could choose as an inexperienced. The fact is that as soon as I got home I was enthusiastic, it was 23 centimeters long, it was pink and soft.

I waited for the evening to try everything I was very excited by this vibrator and as we all know 2020 has not been a good period for many couples but mostly for single women and men who were forced to go outside to have sex. So loneliness and distance has only increased our erotic fantasies, thus giving space to these sex toys.

As soon as in the evening I took this burden into my hands, all I had to do was experiment.

The only care you need to have is to clean it with an antibacterial spray and detergent when you first use it.

After this, grease the surface with a silicone lubricant and sprinkle the surface of the vibrator so as to facilitate its insertion.

As you well know, if before it was a taboo now it is no longer, many types of vibrators today have various shapes for each use and for each intimate part of our body so the materials also change. We will find silicone vibrators, more rigid, remote vibrators, real vibrators.

My first vibrator as simple as it might seem based on my expectations was chosen. That is, I preferred to take a silicone vinrator that would fully hit the G-spot or at least come close to finding it.

It is known that today’s vibrators have an ergonomic predisposition to find the famous and hidden G-spot.

Touching it precisely manifests the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever had. How could I, poor inexperienced woman, find all this if not with the advice that every blog has on its online sex shop.

How to find the g-spot with a vibratore g-spot?

  1. The simplest ways to stimulate the G-spot are manual stimulation by the partner, which must be as slow and delicate as possible, and simple masturbation 
  2. favored by the use of special sex toys designed to promote vaginal orgasm.
  3. Furthermore, there are specific positions that stimulate the G-spot such as doggy style and cowgirl, one of the favorite positions of women. 
  4. Even the missionary position can be useful as long as her hips are supported by pillows in order to encourage the rubbing of the front of the vagina by the penis. 
  5. Another of the positions to stimulate the G-spot is that of the spoon, in which he penetrates the woman from behind, both lying on her side. The G-spot in this case is stimulated not so much by the penetration, which is shallow, but by the angle of the position assumed by the two partners. 
  6. Finally, how can we forget the so-called greyhound, a position in which he penetrates her kneeling from behind: here the penetration is deep and allows you to easily reach the vaginal orgasm.

Well yes, have you seen how much effort it takes to buy a vibrator? But in the end it was worth it.

Documenting yourself to choose a sex toy is also recommended for those who want to experiment with other parts of the body whether they are elderly, beginners or an expert.

I did it and I was especially satisfied with this online sex shop

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