As celery juicing is the trend, many juicer manufacturers are now producing high-tech juicer for celery in the market. It is both a boon and bane because although the juicers are advanced and high-tech, their prices are touching the sky. Hence, those who are limited in budget seek a high-tech juicer in a limited budget but need help finding it.

But not anymore, because our experts have reviewed some of the best and most effective juicers. These juicers are affordable and contain advanced tools and features like any other juicer in the market.

So, without getting into details, let’s proceed!

Budget-friendly juicers for celery- 2023

Below are the most inexpensive juicers ranging from cold press to centrifugal. These juicers are loaded with the latest features and are versatile enough to offer you a user-friendly juicing experience.

Omega Cold Press 365

Omega, we all are familiar with this firm and some of its latest masticating juicer ranges in the market. Among those juicers, its Omega Cold Press 365 is the best budget-friendly pick equipped with a tall and wide chute. The chute is wide enough to easily push larger chunks toward the auger to produce high-yield juice.

Not just that, the motor is slow and works at low RPM to offer users a quiet and pleasant juicing experience. Although the motor is slow, its anti-oxidation technology ensures you offer fresh and pasteurized juice yield. With this feature, you will have less frothy juice stored for later use.

Lastly, in terms of cleaning, the juicer is up to mark because of its easy-to-assemble tools. All the gadgets are dishwasher safe, and you can easily clean this juicer in a few minutes. Hence, if you are looking for a compact juicer with some latest specs, this juicer is there to satisfy you.

KOIOS Juicer

KOIOS is a German featured Juicer that is the ideal juicer for celery due to its reverse function. This feature allows the juicer to automatically stop the juicer after every 20 minutes to remove clogging from the juicer. We all know that celery is a fibrous veggie, and it can lead to clogging, so in that case, this masticating juicer is the ideal solution.

Other than that, all the tools used in fitting this juicer are BPA-free, meaning your juice yield will be reaction-free, and the juice yield will be fresh and rich in nutrients. The juicer chute is also quite narrow, but with low masticating technology, you will finally squeeze juice without any unpleasant noise. Hence, this quietest juicer is another affordable appliance for you to consider.

Breville JE98XL

Like the power xl juicer, this is another high-tech centrifugal juicer loaded with advanced and robust tools. These features make this juicer versatile and ideal for hard and dry ingredients. Among all the traits, the juicer works relatively faster than the other juicers and offers high-yield juice in just a few seconds.

Although the juicer is fast, the yield produced is oxidized and frothy, so you can only store the juice for a short duration. Besides that, the juicer has various speed options designed per the ingredients. The first speed is for the softer ingredients, while the other is for hard and dry fruits and veggies.

Lately, the juicer is durable and offer3 years of unlimited warranty in such an affordable range. So, with all other affordable options, this juicer is good for household and commercial use.


Buying A juicer is the desire of many juicers, but they need more than unlimited options. But not anymore. Our comprehensive guide contains a detailed review of some of the affordable juicers in the market. Go through the guide once before considering any juicer for celery.

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