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Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, is located in British Columbia, Canada, on the shores of Boundary Bay. This rapidly expanding metropolis has hills and flatlands, with 35% designated as an Agricultural Land Reserve.

For those who appreciate green spaces, Surrey is an ideal location. Even people who live in cities will love them because it is full of museums, shopping centers, and historic sites. It’s worth your time to spend a few days in Surrey if you’re in the Vancouver area or to visit Surrey specifically. Not only this, but if you’re a foreign traveler, you can get the best currency exchange surrey.

Visit Parks

Bear Creek Park is Surrey’s favorite green space, and for a good reason. Beautiful walking paths wind through the area, including sports fields, picnic areas, a running track, and a swimming pool.

Bear Creek Park’s outdoor pool, mini-golf course, and miniature train make it a popular destination for families during the summer months. If you’re a hiker and love the outdoors, try one of the trails there. The gardens are beautiful, with various trees and flowers, including cottonwoods, western red cedars, conifers, and azaleas. There is a pavilion in the park where frequent gatherings take place.

Play Golf

Golfers will be happy to know that Surrey has a lot of courses, some of which have been used for PGA tournaments. Several driving ranges and eight full courses can be found in this city.

One of the most well-liked golf courses in the area is the Arnold Palmer-designed Northview Golf & Country Club. Morgan Creek Golf Course is a close second. Peace Portal Golf Course and Guildford Golf & Country Club are two other well-known courses in the area.

Many scenes from the Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmour were shot in and around the county of Surrey, which is home to several well-known golf courses. Enjoy your day, but don’t forget to bring Canadian currency with you. Get the services of exchange currency Surrey at the best rates. 

Learn More About History

The Historic Stewart Farm is in a beautiful area and tells the story of a pioneer family from 1880 to 1944. Both the Victorian farmhouse and its surrounding gardens and farmland are picture-perfect.

Travel back in time to experience what it was like to work and live on a farm in the past. Staff members will show you around this historical site while dressed in clothes from the time.

The Historic Stewart Farm is open for tours all year round, with special events and activities held at various times. It’s fun for everyone in the family and an excellent way to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Travel by Ferry

There is a small ferry that travels from Port Kells in Surrey to Barnston Island across the Parsons Channel. The ride on the ferry only takes five minutes and is completely free.

The barge-like ferry can carry up to 52 people and five cars across the water. Since it operates only when needed, it has no regular schedule. Show up when it’s scheduled to leave the harbor. The island is relatively tiny and consists primarily of cultivable land. There isn’t much to do there, but the ferry ride and a visit to a few of the open farms is an unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy a Meal

Get the best Surrey currency exchange to exchange your currency and buy yourself a fantastic meal. Surrey’s wine is best paired with the region’s culinary offerings. And the city has no shortage of excellent dining options.

Since the same family has owned and run the Old Surrey Restaurant for two generations, it has become something of an institution in the area. The restaurant is in a renovated farmhouse, which makes for a pleasant setting that goes well with the traditional French food it serves.

Surrey also has a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from authentic Indian cuisine to classic American meals like burgers and fries. There is a wide range of restaurants in the city to accommodate any budget.

Enjoy a Festive

Compared to Vancouver, Surrey does not have as many annual festivals, but the ones it does have are very well done. Every one of these is suitable for the whole family and honors the If you’re traveling to Surrey with children, take advantage of the opportunity to attend the Surrey International Children’s Festival. If you take your kids to Surrey, take advantage of the chance to go to the Surrey International Children’s Festival.

Check out the unique celebration of the Sikh New Year at the Vaisakhi Day Parade. Upwards of 200,000 people show up early to watch the parade, making it one of the largest in the world.

Enjoy Nature

This is easy to do, as there are over 600 parks, green spaces, and trails in Surrey. Put on your trainers, bring some water and a camera, and get lost exploring Surrey’s great outdoors.

Climb steps, walk along trails, or explore some forests. No matter which you choose, you will be amongst Surrey’s natural beauty.

The 52-hectare Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is perfect if you love trees, birds, and flowers. Mud Bay Park is another great spot for birdwatchers, while the 1,001 steps in South Surrey are fantastic if you want a good outdoor workout. But before listing in nature, don’t forget to get a currency exchange Surrey and buy yourself some snacks!

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