Top 6 Eco-friendly Options For Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen food products need protective as well as enticing and nature-friendly packaging that is beneficial to our planet. Traditional frozen food boxes are not eco-friendly. They are made with different packaging stocks with laminations and other plastic materials that are not biodegradable. The example of these materials is cardboard and corrugated fiberboard with glossy/matte laminations. But, it is good news for frozen food producers that flexible packaging technology provides the sustainable options to create frozen food packaging.

If you are a frozen food brands and need eco-friendly boxes for your custom frozen food packaging, here top five options for you:

Environmentally-Friendly Stand-Up Pouch

frozen food products’ stand-up pouches are displayed in the retail food outlets. They also save space in the freezers or fridges. In addition, as these pouches occupy less space, they are cost-effective and easy to ship to any destination.

But, here a question arises: how is the stand-up pouch eco-friendly? The answer to these questions is that they use less plastic based film in comparison with other frozen food packaging. In addition, some of them are made of sustainable and recyclable materials that are easily disposed of into the soil. They don’t fill up the landfill (dumps) that pollute the environment.

Frozen Food Packaging Made Of Corn Starch

Cornstarch is a highly popular material that is used to create packaging boxes for many types of foods. It is non-toxic to the ecosystem and decomposes into the soil after some days. If you want to convert your frozen food boxes to a sustainable one, cornstarch made boxes are the best option for you in this regard. In addition, there are many paper boxes that have a layer of cornstarch. It protects the product packaging from damps and moisture.

Biodegradable Plastic To Package Frozen Foods

Typically custom frozen foods packaging boxes contain traditional plastics that are not eco-friendly. You can easily switch to biodegradable plastics to make your custom frozen food boxes sustainable that buyers prefer when they go out for shopping. This type of modern plastics are the best alternative to traditional plastics. Moreover they decompose on the exposure of sunshine for a longer period of time. It is the best option for brands who prefer eco-friendly packaging for their frozen food products.

Bubble Wrap For Frozen Food Packaging

Bubble wraps are highly used to package frozen food items that are shipped to a long distance. They are made from recycled polyethylene that is entirely biodegradable. Moreover, these bubble wraps protect the frozen edible items from potential damages such as bumps, drops, and shocks, during transit.

100% Biodegradable Frozen Food Packaging

Nowadays, many packaging companies provide their frozen food producing clients with versatile nature-friendly custom frozen food boxes like CustomBoxesMarket. Biodegradable packaging for frozen food items is an innovative option for brands. This type of food product packaging doesn’t pollute the environment nor fill the landfills.

Easily Recyclable Frozen Food Boxes

Recyclable frozen food packaging is an innovative and modern option for brands. This type of specific food packaging is similar to the traditional packaging with laminations and plastic stock, but it requires less plastic films to create custom frozen food boxes. In addition, it is recyclable and recycled in different states of the USA with a good rating of number 2.

Wrapping Up

Switching to sustainable packaging for your frozen foods is easier than before. You can make attractive and sustainable packaging of custom frozen food boxes according to your desires. Use these eco-friendly options to create frozen food boxes and protect the earth from day by day increasing pollution. Food products with green packaging attract and please eco-conscious customers that also help boost your company value in the food industry.

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