You are pregnant. It is really good news for you, your hubby, entire family, and well wishers. Now, you need to focus on successfully carrying your pregnancy. You can do all things yourself or your family support. However, you should visit a maternity centre or IVF centre in old airport road (Bangalore) or in your locality to take an expert’s advice. You should do everything that can help you stay healthy and prevent getting sick during your pregnancy. Here are some steps that you can follow:

Eat a healthy and balanced diet 

A healthy and balanced diet is crucial for every human being on this earth. It is more crucial for you when you are pregnant. You should request a dietician to produce a diet chart for your pregnancy and be strict to it. Your diet must include all the nutritional elements from carbohydrates and proteins to fats, vitamins, and minerals. You should eat:

  • Whole grains 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Seasonal green & leafy vegetables and fruits 
  • Almonds 
  • Foods rich in antioxidants   

Stay away from certain unhealthy foods 

Knowing what to eat during pregnancy is good. However, it is also crucial for you to know what you should not eat during your pregnancy. Having an idea about it will help you stay healthy and avoid pregnancy complications. Here are what you should not eat:

  • Oily and spicy foods 
  • Uncooked or overcooked foods 
  • Foods prepared more than 12 hours ago 
  • Processed, junk, or fast foods 
  • Red meat 

Stay active 

Being active during pregnancy is crucial. And you must be active until your doctor recommends bed rest. Being active does not mean here you should lift heavy weights or do workouts of high intensity. Here are the activities that you can do to stay healthy during your pregnancy:

  • Walking and jogging, but not running 
  • Dancing with light body movements 
  • Swimming 
  • Prenatal yoga poses 
  • Pilates 

Keep stress and anxiety away from you 

Moms-to-be have a feeling of stress. It is as they have several different thoughts about their babies in their mind. Some thoughts make them uncomfortable and feel stressed. During pregnancy, you need to keep yourself aloof from negative thoughts and stress. You must work on lowering your stress level if you feel you are stressed. To manage your stress, you can:

  • Practise deep breathing 
  • Meditate
  • Do your hobbies like new recipes and painting/drawing to stay engaged
  • Practise relaxation techniques     

Drink enough water 

In your pregnancy, staying hydrated is crucial for you. You should drink enough water. Enough water drinking can help you stay away from common pregnancy issues like haemorrhoids, dehydration, constipation, excessive sweating, and bladder infections. You can drink freshly made juices at home apart from your water intake. 

Visit your gynaecologist 

During pregnancy, regular doctor consultation is essential. It helps you know how your health is, how well your baby is growing in your uterus, and what you need to take better care of yourself and your child. If you don’t see your doctor frequently, do it immediately when you notice anything wrong with you. Your instant consultation with your doctor will keep you safe from having any complications. 

Take medicines and supplements daily 

Usually, doctors write prescription medicines and supplements for pregnant women. These medicines and supplements help you get the nutrition you need more and your diet doesn’t provide the same as per your requirement during pregnancy. So, you must take the prescribed medicines and supplements as per recommended dosages. 

Take enough rest 

During pregnancy, you need more rest. Here, rest doesn’t mean complete rest until your doctor recommends you as per your health status. You should have a sound sleep every night. Apart from sleeping at night, you should lie down on your bed during the day. Read a drama or do something interesting while being on the bed if you don’t want to sleep. 

Stay away from smoking and drinking 

You might be smoking and drinking earlier. However, you need to avoid smoking and drinking as you plan to conceive. If you haven’t left consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking, leave it now after being pregnant. It is not good for you and the baby in your womb. Having a safe distance from alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, and smoking will help you carry your pregnancy successfully and have a normal delivery.   


You have numerous suggestions on what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. It is you who have to decide what you should do to stay healthy and avoid being ill. Your doctor can help you have the most authentic and right information in this regard. Keep visiting your doctor to make your pregnancy successful.

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