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You have a big head, and usually, the average pair of shades will not perfectly fit on your head comfortably. Here is a cue of the best safety sunglasses for a larger head. But first, you should confirm that your shades are big than the average pair of sunnies’ mean overall frame height and width. Besides, care for eye safety apart from shade style.

What to consider in sunglasses for larger heads?

  • Lens width comes first when looking at large shades, and it comes in millimeters. It is a significant distance from one end of the lens to another. However, the lens width depends on the particular style, but most lens width is approximately 55 mm. Thus, a lens width of 55 mm doesn’t suit a larger face, but it will comfortably sit on a larger size because of a larger frame.
  • Frame width is also measured in mm, but it includes the total length of the front side of shades, meaning lenses and nose bridge. Thus, the average frame length is around 136 to 138 mm in adults, but it can go up 165 mm high. Remember, some sunglasses come with flexible hinges because wearers can bend temples outward, which makes them comfortable for a larger face.
  • Polarization technology is designed to remove glare that can also decrease eyestrain. Remember, polarization is entirely different from UV protection. Therefore, polarization is an optional choice and considers an individual preference.
  • UV protection is a specific coating of sunglasses that shields the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and is a compulsory feature of every shade. Ultraviolet rays are classified as UVA, UVB, & UVC, often signified in percentage. Thus, the best sunglasses should have 100% UV protection and some shades are available with UV400 means they can block 99-100% ultraviolet rays.
  • Style is the primary factor of sunglasses, and some are available in wider lenses that can easily fit over a larger face. Some sunglasses come with larger frames, and the wearer can find the exact size according to their head size because sunglasses come in big styles.

Big safety sunglasses are for big heads

You can exhaust from average-size safety specs on your big head. Wearers with such features become uncomfortable and even sometimes can lead to headaches after some time. And, of course, no one can spend several hours with a troublesome pair of safety sunglasses. But the good thing is there are several options regarding sunglasses for big heads. We have made a list of the Wiley x and DVX sunglasses are the best-selling that will help larger heads. Every pair of shades are ANSI Z87.1 approved and protects eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays.


DVX NOISE sunglasses are the most popular shades in the eyewear market that they claim conveniently fit the larger face. The wraparound frame style has lightweight temples designed with nylon that confirm good looks. Besides, they ensure comfort for extended hours. Including features are anti-fog lens treatments, adjusting nose pieces, anti-scratch coating, and multiple lens options.


DVX CHARGE sunglasses have a wraparound design and don’t distort the peripheral view. Besides, the anti-fog coating will delay the fogging situation. The adjustable temples comfortably adjust up and down and offer a comfy fit. Similarly, silicone nose pads don’t allow to slip and add safety and comfort. Thus, the comfort and secure fit are ideal options for wearers who need additional space in their safety sunglasses.


DVX RAGE sunglasses are stylish and cushioned nosepieces comfortably fit over different bridge sizes with considerable protection from slippage. It has strong rubber temples designed with dual-injected polycarbonate materials that withstand impact situations. Available lenses have an anti-scratch coating that keeps lenses clear and crack-free for a long time.


WILEYX SAINT sunglasses have a wraparound frame style that can functionally work for all genders. Besides, they give you extensive coverage and protect your eyes from all unexpected danger. Similarly, the rubber temples offer a comfy and secure fit. The anti-fog lens technology delivers distortion-free vision. These sunglasses are lightweight that gives you a comfortable fit for long hours. And the good thing is these shades have frame hues and lens tints.


WILEY X ASPECT sunglasses offer uninterrupted vision and allow wearers to focus on the surrounding environment. Besides, these shades are durable and deliver distortion-free vision, and nylon temples keep them lightweight. Thus, the wearers get a fog-free and scratch-free experience with polycarbonate lenses. The larger frame sunglasses have black temples, and clear lenses provide clear vision in any environment. So, what do you think about these options suitable for medium to larger heads? And the positive point is accurate to fit and good looks. Check out these options, select one for you, and make a style with outstanding safety.

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