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Feeling the confidence of not suffering an incident such as theft or even damage to personal and material property is a service provided by private and public security companies through their team of security guards los angeles.

security guards los angeles are trained to report risk situations, because one of their main objectives is to generate a sense of prevention.

However, they are also capable of interceding in risky situations to prevent further damage to the system they protect.

Thanks to the fulfillment of frequent activities such as carrying out surveillance rounds, reporting incidents such as the malfunction of security cameras or the registration of the entry of people and foreign vehicles; The watchman or security guard avoids any type of risk that affects the integrity of people and property.

It is important to identify the qualities and main responsibilities of the officers , which is why we detail

Most important roles that a security guard performs below.

1. Carry out entry controls

security guards is to monitor the entry of people, vehicles and orders or packages to an establishment.

For an entry control to be effective, the guard must record essential information.

For example, the reason for the visit, the type of service (commercial, domestic or transport service), number of packages, the date and time of entry, full name of the people with their respective verification (identity document and even a photograph and signature of the visitor if required) and also register the vehicle if applicable.

Security guards must monitor the entry of people, vehicles and orders or packages to an establishment

Security Company’s help to record and classify all important information during the entry of people, vehicles or packages to any establishment.

In addition, being a digital platform, it is possible to complement the information with images, QR code scanning, digital signatures and other relevant information.

This data is stored automatically and in real time, which makes it possible to generate more accurate and accurate information for better decision-making and to have more complete reports for audits.

Carry out routine inspections

Routine inspections are mainly preventive activities, which is why it is important to have as much data as possible so that the security guard, the company and even the client himself can act immediately in the event of a dangerous situation.

The security guard must verify risk areas such as entrances and exits from the establishment, inspect the signs in these areas to ensure that they are in the correct place and if they clearly indicate escape routes in case of emergencies. Security Company’s helps security guards to streamline and measure routine inspections

That said, a routine inspection allows visual and/or technical monitoring of different areas or specific points.

In the same way, it helps to verify the state of the property or places of the establishment and immediately report irregularities if necessary.

Private security companies, helps to compile a list of activities to perform during routine inspection, such as inspection of electrical installations or the state of fire extinguishers.

Also, the status of the assets can be classified as good, bad or regular along with their interpretation/recommendation and photographs to take corrective actions. 

Carry out surveillance rounds or patrols

The surveillance rounds or rounds are among the most important activities of security guards, since it is the main activity they perform to monitor the status of each point of different establishments such as hotels, banks, factories, companies and others. Read Importance of implementing surveillance tours in hotels

Through a round of surveillance or patrol, the guard guarantees that the key points of the establishment are safe and do not present incidents.

The security guard must visit all the established points of the round with an adequate frequency to cover the key areas of the establishment: main entrances, parking lots and a security app that allows you to optimize surveillance tours and back up the information with images, descriptions, and the security guard’s signature.

During the rounds, the security officer can carry out a simple inspection and tour of the place, or also a more complex inspection that includes monitoring the status of assets such as monitors, security cameras, furniture, or others. 

If you want to know more, we recommend you read what guard tours are and what is their importance in the security industry?

Record the receipt of packages and correspondence

Frequently, the security guard’s responsibility involves receiving packages and mail and carrying out their respective search.

In this way, this activity must be supported with different data such as: time, date, characteristics of the package and the sender.

It is strategic to keep a record of this data and that it be documented in the event of any incident or loss. A security guard must record the receipt of packages, correspondence or documents.

Security management systems such collaborate with the security guard in different procedures, such as registering package information in real time, assigning the sender and recipient, reporting if the package presents any damage; but most importantly, this data will remain stored virtually forever.

Report news or incidents

When making this type of report, it is important to have data that helps measure the impact of the incident and implement actions to prevent it from happening again in the future.

. Presenting the historical record of these novelties can generate cost savings thanks to the prevention and early detection of risks.

. Carry out vehicle control for mobile surveillance

There are extensive establishments such as industrial complexes, factories and mining that need a surveillance service. Therefore, the security guards also carry out mobile surveillance activities where they need means of transportation to comply with the inspection and cover all areas of the place.

In this context, one of the responsibilities of the security guard is to carry out the control and maintenance of the vehicles used for mobile surveillance.

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