wholesale kraft paper bags

In 2018, a new regulation was created on the use of plastic bags in shops. This led to both customers and business premises beginning to appreciate the advantages of paper bags over bags made of other materials.

If you have a business, restaurant, or catering company committed to environmental care, we will explain the 5 advantages of wholesale kraft paper bags and why you should start acquiring them to benefit the status of your business.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the advantages of paper bags is that they are friendly to nature. Coming from biodegradable materials such as wood, they can be recycled. In this way, recycled paper bags can be found in stationery stores or disposable factories.

And not only that but they can also be reused. Many customers use paper bags for other purposes or to re-shop with them. And another of the great advantages of paper bags is that they degrade in an average of 2 to 5 months, thus surpassing plastic bags which can take up to 4 centuries to completely decompose.

In addition, some species of trees, such as pine, have rapid growth, which makes them a renewable and inexhaustible material. And, for every tree felled, four more are planted to ensure the least possible impact on the environment.

Resistant And Quality Materials

Did you know that, despite their appearance, paper bags are very resistant? This is because they are created with great thickness so that they can withstand a large load of food products.

In recent years, these products have been refined to have quality resistance, so one of the best advantages of paper bags is that they are made for all kinds of uses and even have handles so that customers can move your products more comfortably.

For this reason, do not worry about the weight of your food products. The paper bags with handles that you buy in our store are ideal for facilitating transport, in addition to being able to support all kinds of products, from food to drinks.

Increase In Leads

In addition to being friendly to nature and being incredibly resistant, another of the advantages of paper bags is that they attract the attention of potential customers, who feel a great commitment to the environment.

The 21st-century customer is not only focused on technological innovations. He also prefers to shop in stores that use biodegradable materials to transport their food products. If your old customers see that you start delivering their orders in paper bags, they will start talking about your business and you will attract new customers, thus increasing the flow of sales.

And since they can be reused, you will form a special bond between your client and the company, who will carry your brand every time they make a purchase again.

Improving Your Brand

If you own a gastronomic business or a company that offers catering services, you should know that one of the excellent advantages of acquiring paper bags is that it significantly improves your brand.

That’s right, a paper bag can say a lot about you and your company philosophy. Not only will you reflect a commitment to caring for the environment, but you will also show your customers that you want to offer quality products and benefit their environment with nature-friendly materials. Among the advantages of paper bags, this is undoubtedly the one that would most benefit your corporate image.

Ease Of Printing And Design

Did you know that 80% of passers-by better perceive the designs of the paper bags they see on the streets? And that 79% of consumers think that the printed brand on paper is more attractive. The advantages of paper bags are that you can print your logo or corporate design very easily.

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