Authors hear a lot about how important it is to market and Promote a Book on their work on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each of these platforms has its users, features, and advantages. YouTube is a platform that authors often need to remember to use. Because most of the content on YouTube is video, many authors think they need to gain the technical skills to use it. It is only sometimes the case, though. You, too, can become a YouTuber if you have some basic tools, software, and a plan.

What’s the point of YouTube? YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site in the world, with more than 2 billion users every month, and still growing. says that there were 4.39 billion people who used the internet in 2019 and that more than 45% of these people have a YouTube account. It is a huge group of people who watch videos and might be interested in reading your books. YouTube is the perfect platform to promote a book creatively and effectively.

How To Advertise Your Writing On YouTube?

Now is the time to think about YouTube if you still need to. YouTube is a great place to Promote a book; you need to be there to sell your goods and bring your community together. Because the future is passing us by, let’s understand why and how to use YouTube to promote your writing.

Only some ways of marketing to promote a book will work for some authors. It will depend on your launch plan, skills, and many other things.

How you promote a book on YouTube will, of course, depend on what kind of book you’ve written. For example, if you’ve written a non-fiction book, the best things about it are that it’s about the right subject and that the information in it is correct. They are also the main things you’ll use to market your book.

1- Make a channel

You need a Google Account to make a personal channel on YouTube. You can make one from YouTube if you still need one. Once you’re signed in, you can watch videos, like them, subscribe to your favorite channels, manage your account, and more. You can also start a new channel on YouTube. To start this process, try to upload a video. Therefore, ghostwriting services team on YouTube will tell you to create a channel.

Make sure you pick a good name for your channel when you promote a book. Many authors use their name or a pen name instead of a book’s title or main character. Using your real name or pen name, your channel can include all of your work, which will likely change as time progresses.

2- Show them the real you

If you like to stay in your little world, you will need more than self-publishing to become a bestseller. People want to be a part of your success story these days. They want to find you and your books before they become the next big thing. They will even help you promote a book, spread the word about you, and write reviews for you, but only if they care about you as a person.

YouTubers today are known for sharing too much about their personal lives. As a result, their fans think of them as their personal friends and promise to always support them. At the very least, an author should regularly update a blog where fans can learn more about their thoughts, life, and the progress of their next book.

3- Influencer partnerships

Another great way to Promote a Book on YouTube is to find people who are already well-known in the field and find a way to work with them. Search on YouTube for words related to the book you just finished writing. Find YouTube channels with many views and followers, then use the messaging system to get in touch with those who run those channels and tell them about your book.

What you do next will depend on the kind of relationship you’ve built and with whom you’ve built it. For example, if you wrote a book about health and talked to a doctor about it, you could work together on videos about how accurate your book is and how it might help people. You could also ask these people to compare and contrast the information in your book with what they’ve seen and done in the real world. It would add to the book without giving too much away.

4- Do a content audit

Before starting any marketing campaign to promote a book, it’s always a good idea to do a full content audit. In this case, you’ll need to look at your book closely and write down exactly what kinds of things it has in it. Break it into specific topics and lists, like “how-to content” and “examples.

If you already have a YouTube channel, Facebook Page, or blog, you should also look at which content you’ve posted there has done the best. It can tell you much about what people want to see from you.

5- Start teaching your book in chunks

One of the best ways to Promote a Book on YouTube is to show short videos that explain what the book is about. First, make a video that talks about the book’s main idea. Explain what it is, why it’s important, and what people can expect to learn from it.

Then, break up one or two chapters into a series of shorter videos and explain each part. Please don’t give away everything; you want people to buy and read your book. But talk about important ideas or processes that people will learn about in a way that makes each video feel complete. Then you can say, “If you want to learn much more about this topic than we could ever cover on YouTube. Also, you can buy my recently published book.” And you’d put a link to your book in the description so people could check it out.

The main benefit of this is that, as long as each video stands on its own. There are better ways to promote yourself. You could also turn each video into a series of lessons about the larger topic over time. That would give you a powerful new way to make money from your videos.

6- Make several videos at once

Write scripts for the first few ideas you have for videos before you try to make them if you want to effectively promote a book. Scripts will make it easier to film, and you’ll have to edit your videos less. You’ll get into a good rhythm by shooting multiple videos at once and save time setting up equipment.

Once you’ve edited your videos and are ready to post them to your channel, ensure each one has a catchy title. As well as a detailed description, an appealing thumbnail, and relevant keywords.

Plan on spending at least a few hours each week making, editing, and uploading videos to YouTube. You will need to think about this time when planning your marketing strategy. Remember to share any new videos on your other social media accounts or in your author newsletter.

7- Get Book Reviews

In the same way, you should reach out to people who have a lot of influence on how people think about your topic and ask them to review your book on video. It is a great way to Promote a Book and make word-of-mouth work even better than it already does.

Send your book to people with a good reputation on YouTube or in “real life.” Ask them if they would be willing to talk about and review your book on camera for people to see before they buy it.

8- Reveals Characteristics

Before making this kind of video to promote a book, authors must hire an artist to draw character art for their book or draw it themselves.

Like with book trailers, many authors argue whether it’s worth the money to pay for character art. Again, consider whether you can afford this investment and if it would be worth it (i.e., the ROI).

In character art reveal videos, the author usually shows the main characters, maybe a few secondary characters. Most of the time, the characters are shown one at a time. And some YouTubers have short text descriptions next to the character art.


Lastly, one of the best ways to use YouTube to Promote a Book is also one of the most personal for many of your future readers. Sit down in front of the camera and host a series of “behind the scenes” author insight videos. It will allow people to look beyond the text and into the author’s mind.

Tell people about yourself and what made you write the story. Also, how much it means to you and what you were trying to do. Talk about how much you like the genre and where it came from. Be bold and detail what inspired you and what other things are like that. It will allow people to get to know you as an author. It will also give them something extra to enjoy when they read your book that they wouldn’t have had before.

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