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Product launch is the first and the most vital step in any product development and go-live process. Your product launch plays a big part in establishing how well your product will be positioned in the market and how it will affect your target audience. Many brands and marketers frequently struggle to launch a product successfully but if you are launching your product online you can use the best live Streaming Services to make your event grand. Live streaming events are becoming popular platforms offering live streaming services for weddings to IP video Live streaming for a product launch. Continue reading to know how to launch your product by live streaming.

Launch Product By Live Streaming

Here is how you can launch your product by live streaming:

1. Research Your Audience

The most crucial part of any product launch be it on-ground or live streaming is knowing your audience. The first step of launching your product through live streaming services is researching your audience. Analyze your current audience on different platforms and look for new or target audiences according to your product or service. Competitors analysis can also help you understand what kind of audience engagement with the product you are planning to launch.

There are various questions you need to ask before you live to stream your product. For instance, Where does your target audience shop from? What is your audience expecting from the product? Which social media platforms do your audience use the most? What kind of content keeps them engaged? The more questions you will ask about your audience the more clarity you will have.

You can survey before launching your product. If you are not investing your time and money in your target audience it’s a waste, so analyze your audience properly.

2. Choose The Right Platform

After researching your audience the next and most crucial step is choosing the right platform or platforms for live streaming and launching your product. You can’t just stream on any platform without considering your requirements and platform features. There are various live-streaming service providers and according to the size of your audience and other requirements, you can analyze different platforms and their features. Some popular and best Live Streaming Platforms that can help you successfully launch your product are:

  • In-Person Event Platform

There are various platforms available for live streaming and in-person event platforms can be a great option if you are launching a product on the ground or in a hybrid event. When you are launching a product in person, not all your audience can join you on the ground, and in that case, you can choose an in-person event platform that can live stream your product launch so that your geographically distant audience, promoter, or other attendees can join you online.

  • Cloud-Based Video Streaming Platform

It’s a good idea to save your live stream and that’s the specialty of these cloud-based video streaming platforms. In simple words, cloud-based video streaming platforms are those platforms that stream and save your live stream on the cloud at the same time.

A strong Cloud-based platform will provide you with a wider reach, transmit it consistently whenever you need it, and provide you easy access to the insights of the stream. Youtube is the most popular example of a cloud-based streaming platform. So if you want to store the video of your product launch you can look for a cloud-based streaming platform or service provider.

  • Low Latency Streaming Platform

The term “latency” refers to the lag between input and output.

Simply described, it’s the interval between pressing a key on a keyboard and seeing the computer respond. Glass to glass is a common expression for it in the video. It gauges how long it takes for a live video stream to get from the camera lens’ front glass to the glass of viewers’ computer screens. And when you are launching your product you don’t want any lag in your live stream and in that case you can go for a low-latency streaming platform.

  • RTMP Streaming Platform

A brand that is launching a product wants things to go flawlessly, as the live stream of the product will create its first impression. RTMP is a short real-time messaging protocol.

It allows for high-performance audio, video, and data transfer from an encoder to a server, which then sends the stream via the Internet. These kinds of platforms are also great for product launches. RTMP is the feature you should be looking for in your live-streaming platform.

  • On Demand Live Streaming

On-Demand, live-streaming platforms are also there but they are not a popular choice. You can choose on-demand streaming for a product review or demonstration but not for a product launch, as on-demand streaming is pre-recorded and you can interact with your audience live.

  • Social Media Streaming Platform

Social media is another tool that you can use. Various social media platforms offer streaming services and you can always take advantage of them. You can use any virtual or IP-based streaming platform and at the same time, you can also stream on social media to engage and reach a wider audience.

3. Multi-Stream Your Launch

Your product launch is the first opportunity to make a lasting impression and the beginning of the marketing process for your product. You must concurrently live stream your product launch on several channels, regardless of which platform best suits your event. This not only enables you to reach a larger audience across numerous platforms but also allows you to make use of the benefits/features of each platform. The best thing that you can do is multi-stream on different social media platforms. Most of your target audience is present on social media platforms to reach your target audience and to impact you should consider streaming your event on various social media platforms.

4. Advance Promotion

Product launch is a crucial step for any brand or business. Marketing and promotions will make an impact on your audience. When you are launching a product by live streaming you don’t just have to promote your product but also your live streaming event. Once you know your target audience, start promoting your live-streaming event. Few Live Streaming Services for Events also offer promotional features like email, automated notifications or reminders, WhatsApp automation for updates, etc.

5. Insights Of The Stream

It is essential to analyze the insights of every live-streaming event you are hosting for a product launch. These insights will provide you with the necessary data that will help you understand the participants’ responses. These insights will help you understand your strong and weak points you will get to know the areas you need to work on and how you can conduct more strong and effective live stream events.

The Bottom Line

Various brands and business organizations are increasingly choosing live-streaming services for promoting and launching their products. Live streaming is also considered a beneficial marketing tool. For any product launch, you need to do proper research, and not just that you will have to choose a top-notch live streaming service provider or a streaming platform to make the most of your event launch. Look for service providers that offer advanced features to make your event stand out.

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