Waking up and feeling fine is a blessing that everyone wants to have. But sometimes, we experience neck stiffness which may cause pain and discomfort. Yes, having such pain can also affect the way you do your work. A physiotherapist in Faisalabad shared that neck pain can also affect your sleep pattern but it can become chronic if you do not find the cause and get the proper treatment.

What are the Causes of Neck Pain?

Your neck pain can be caused by different reasons. For example, if you had a quality sleep but you woke up with neck pain, it means that poor posture may be the reason. Some of the other reasons for neck pain may include:

  • A spinal cord injury
  • Whiplash
  • Stress, muscle tension
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Disc degeneration
  • A concussion
  • Muscle strain
  • A pinched nerve

Sometimes, mental conditions may be responsible for causing neck pain. Yes, mental illnesses also bring on some symptoms, such as neck pain, etc. These mental health conditions include anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress.

But do you know that certain medical conditions can also cause neck pain?

Well, these medical conditions can also come with some symptoms including neck pain. If you cannot find the cause of the neck pain, discuss it with the doctor and diagnose the cause.

What are the Treatments for Neck Pain?

Pain and stiffness in the neck can interfere with your daily life activities. Your doctor can tell you better what can be the causing factor. Your doctor may ask for an X-ray or MRI to diagnose the cause. But if the pain is mild, you can follow the home remedies to reduce the pain in the neck.

Try Stretching but Avoid Sudden Movement

You may find stretching a normal practice but it can help in relieving neck pain. Yes, you need to do some stretching as it aids with neck stiffness. You should not start stretching suddenly.

Sudden movement can cause more pain as it can affect your muscles. During stretching, make sure that you breathe in and out completely.

Start gradually stretching and avoid overstretching as it can cause an injury. All you need is to roll your shoulders backward and forward in a circle. You should press the shoulder blades together lightly. Try to hold the position for a few seconds and repeat it. During stretching, make sure that you turn your head from side to side slowly.

Ice or Heat

If you have neck pain, then you must go for an ice application, or you can also apply heat. When you apply ice, it will help to lower blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation and swelling.

But when you apply heat, it stimulates the flow of blood and reduces pain. In both ways, you can deal with torn muscles or strained muscles. It will take time to heal.

You can go with these remedies for temporary pain relief. But applying ice directly to your skin can cause an ice burn. Make sure that you go with the cold compress or wrap the ice in a clean cloth.

You can also try a heating pad to deal with neck stiffness. If you do not have a heating pad, try a warm bath. Yes, it can also give you temporary relief from pain.

OTC Medications

When you have pain in your neck, you can take OTC medicines. Yes, they are effective and can help in reducing pain and inflammation in the body. But not everyone can take any type of OTC medicine. You should discuss with the doctor what medicines you can take. Because some medicines may cause adverse effects, including nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, dizziness, etc.

Go for a Massage

When you do not know how you can take care of your neck, get help from a professional. Yes, you should discuss with the doctor if you can take a neck massage. Having a neck massage can help with the stiffness and reduce the pain.

A professional knows what type of massage can help. Many people shared that they experience positive results after having a neck massage.

Avoid More Physical Activity

If you have neck pain, you should avoid physical activities that can trigger the pain. Limiting physical activities can also help in resolving stiffness. You should also avoid high-intensity workouts. Make sure that you take care of your neck stiffness and avoid the triggers that can increase the pain.

The Bottom Line!

You should reduce stress with some of its management strategies. Exercise regularly as it can prevent the weakening of muscles in your neck. It will also help to promote your sleep and relieve stress. People with weak immune system should exercise as it also boosts their immune health and mental health.

You should consult the doctor if the neck is severe and lasts for days.

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