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Shower enclosures are the mainstay of any bathroom. These are usually the center of attention due to their size and prominent structure. Therefore, choosing the right style is important as it will dictate the overall style of the space. However, these come in various shapes like quadrant, offset, square, and rectangular shower enclosures. The only difference between them is their shape which makes them suitable or unsuitable for a specific bathroom layout. A rectangular-shaped cubicle is often a choice if you have a bit more space available in the bathroom. But there is much that you need to know about these beautiful shower cubicles.

In this article, we have provided the answers to a few frequently asked questions that will help you understand this choice better. 

  • What is a Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

The shower enclosures have the name after their shapes. So, that makes it obvious that the rectangular shower cubicle has a rectangular shape. Is inevitably one of the most popular shapes of cubicles with a bit of extra space available. So, when it comes to room for showering in the shower area, then no other enclosure compares to the spaciousness of this enclosure. Such bigger shower space comes from the shape that is bigger in comparison to other shower enclosure shapes. That means it is an inherited attribute or characteristic that is available in all large rectangular cubicles. 

  • What Shower Door is the Best Fit for a Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

A rectangular shower enclosure is a great choice for increasing the visual space of your bathroom. To ensure that the shower enclosure can effectively add to the overall look and feel of the entire room, it is important to ensure that you select the right kind of shower door. Hinged doors are an excellent option because they offer flexibility in terms of individual use; you can choose to open either one or both of them as needed. 

Sliding doors, on the other hand, are perfect for smaller bathrooms; by eliminating any possibility of swinging open, they keep the needed space required within your bathroom to a minimum. Furthermore, frameless glass sliding doors provide additional advantages when compared to framed doors; not only do they appear visually sleek and stylish but also make it easier to clean due to their lack of ledge. Ultimately, choosing the ideal shower door for a rectangular enclosure requires assessing both practicality and aesthetics.

  • What Shower Tray is Suitable for Rectangular Shape Enclosure?

Shower trays usually are an essential part of a shower enclosure. These provide the basis for the cubicle. Therefore, it should be of good quality and firm as it is a surface where you have to stand. However, when it comes to choosing the shower tray for a specific shape enclosure, you will have to follow the same designs as the enclosure. So, when it comes to suitability for a rectangular shower cubicle, you will have to get the same design as the shower tray. What can differ here is the material for the shower tray. You find them available in acrylic, marble, stone, plastic, and many other materials. It is, however, very important that you get a reasonable quality rectangular shower tray. 

The cost usually depends on the material of the tray. The plastic trays may sound cheaper but will be less sturdy. The acrylic shower trays are cost-effective and reasonably sturdy with easier-to-clean surfaces. While any trays having stone material may cost more and are highly durable but difficult to keep clean. But in the end, what matters most is what’s best according to your requirements. 

  • In What Sizes Rectangular Shower Enclosures

The great thing about rectangular shower enclosures is that these are available in various sizes. So, whether you have a small bathroom, medium, or large one, there are sizes available that fit best according to your space requirements. The smallest size option is 700mm, and the largest one is 1100mm. The glass thickness for these enclosures may range from 4mm to 6mm. 

  • How Much Does a Rectangular Shower Enclosure Installation Cost?

In terms of cost, the rectangular shower enclosure is not much different from standard shower enclosures. There are two separate types of costs involved the price of the fixture and the cost of installation. The price of enclosure panels, shower door, and shower tray may be around 500£. And on top of that, you will have to pay £500 for the fitting. Generally, a small enclosure will cost less, and it will go higher with the size. 

  • How To Look After Your Rectangular Shape Shower Cubicle?

Looking after your shower enclosure is not that difficult. But you will need to make sure that you adopt a regular regime for cleaning the bathroom. It is highly recommended that you carefully choose the cleaning liquid you use for the shower cubicle.  For example, a natural cleaning liquid can be great and would not cause any damage to the enclosure. It will require less cleaning if you make it a habit to clean and dry the area every time you do. 

Final Thoughts

Rectangular shower cubicles are highly practical and aesthetically pleasing shower cubicles, these are perfect for all types of bathrooms and provide a spacious shower experience. 

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