If you have ever heard about xresolver Xbox yet don’t have the foggiest idea what it is, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here, at Tech Gossip Daily, is an explainer of all that you really want to be familiar with this tool and how to use it. 

What is xresolver Xbox? 

It is used to determine gamer client names and gamer tags. With the assistance of this tool, clients, titles, and space names are fixed and changed into IP addresses. There are two benefits to exchanging gamer labels and usernames for IP addresses. Hackers can likewise cover gamers since they can recall IP addresses more effectively than they can name. 

How to use this tool? 

In any case, the greatest advantage of xResolver is that it monitors your information against hackers and other obscure characters. While the tool professes to be lawful, it very well may be a difficult issue for the people who play web-based games a lot. Assume you’re playing quite well and wind up irritating an opponent from the rival group. Let’s just suppose that the opponent you were playing with had some tad bit of knowledge about hacking and related things, he can easily grab your IP address and can hack your network. 

The site xReslover is a legit one that permits you to change over various game labels and names into the most limited IPs design. The interface of this tool is consequently easy to understand, which makes it more direct and engaging. It is open to everybody and easy to utilize. 

The best thing about this tool is that it is not too challenging to use. People with just basic knowledge of gaming and the internet can easily utilize this tool. 

Here are the ways through which you can utilize this tool: 

1. Search https://xresolver.com/on your web index. 

2. Pick Xbox or Playstation resolver. 

3. In the “Gamertag to IP address” space, simply type your game tag. . You can do it the alternate way as well, by adding the IP address to the “IP address to Gamertag” segment. 

4. Click Resolve, and get your result. 

How to protect yourself from xresolver Xbox? 

If you don’t maintain that your data should be noticeable to this xresolver, it tends to be eliminated or stowed away. It’s an easy task to conceal or eliminate your data from the xResolver. Whenever you are added to the blacklist by xResolver, none of your data will be open for access. 

Using the accompanying steps, you can protect yourself from hackers. 

Stage 1: If you intend to cover your IP address, you can do it by using a certifiable VPN. 

Stage 2: You must contact your Internet Services Provider (ISP) in order to change your IP address. 

Stage 3: Avoid anybody you don’t have the foggiest idea. 

Stage 4: Using this procedure, you will defend the IP addresses and can play web-based games with practically no worries. 

When a gamer who plays Xbox or any online game makes an account for any of the games that are on the web, he generally gets a username. As we all know to play games online, one needs an internet connection. And whenever you connect to the internet, you get an IP address. 

If any person who has harmful intentions against you came to know your IP address and username, they can simply get your network hacked considering they have even a little knowledge about hacking. It could get risky for you. 


xResolver Xbox is an internet-based data set that assembles information from Play Station and Xbox gamers for its clients. You can simply enter the Gamertag of the gamer in it and it will convert into the IP address as per your request. The tool ends up being valuable when you want to be familiar with your individual gamer in any way you really want to deal with it. However, tragically, its cost is higher than the cost of various elective instruments.

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