Quibus Trainings is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They will help you learn from the basics to the advanced level of digital marketing in just 4 months. At this institute, the trainer focuses on the basics and practicals. They cover 30% theory and 70% practicals. They say that if your basics are not straightforward, it will be tough for you to run the tools. 

Along with this, they guide you on a personal level. You are free to ask your doubts at any time and anywhere. For this, they provide a telegram group to make you feel convenient for clearing doubts after class. In that group, they add themselves and all the students in the class. And they are active in that group to reply to all the doubts of the students. The topics which are covered during this course in this Institute are:

  1. Basics regarding Digital Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. SMM
  4. PPC
  5. Facebook / Instagram Ads
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Search Console
  8. E-mail Marketing

The below article will clarify all the remaining reasons for joining Quibus Training.

1) Face-to-face classes

While joining a digital marketing course in Jaipur, one should always go with face-to-face classes. And Quibus provides this only for the sake of the students so that they can quickly learn in the live classes. In live classes, a study environment creates and pushes the student to work hard and grab the knowledge provided by the trainer. 

There is one more benefit of face-to-face classes. That is the Connection, which will be between the students and the trainer. You all know Digital Marketing Field depends on connection because all the services provided in this course are interconnected. People who will continue in this field need connections in the long run.

2) Get an opportunity to learn from an experienced trainer:

It will be an opportunity for you to learn from “Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu”, an experienced trainer who has an experience of more than twelve years. And along with the institute, they run three companies of their own. So he is a complete digital marketer with essential and practical knowledge of the digital world.

3) Personalized Guidance

They guide all the students on a personal level. Along with the guidance, they motivate the students not to give up so easily. This field is for experiments and research. The more you explore, the more you get. And they are always available for their students in any case.

4) Get an amazing experience of 6 Month free Internship:

While working with them in their office as an intern for 6 months will be the next level of achievement for all. Because they believe that students have to be expertise in one field. And to join their internship, they will learn and work on a particular niche. After an internship, they get an excellent job guaranteed.

5) Helped you to work on live projects:

Along with the classes, you will get a chance to work on live projects under the personal guidance of the trainer. In live projects, you will learn how to make websites and get a chance to rank on the google search engine. There are many more live projects on which they focused.

6) Hi-tech Classrooms

Hi-tech classrooms are more interactive and exciting. Because for the students, it is easier to visualise the topics than the topics explained verbally. And in the digital field, innovative work is more valuable; it grabs the student’s attention and makes them able to understand the topics.

7) One-to-one doubt classes

In this institute, students get helped with one-to-one doubt session classes. In which they are free to ask any question regarding the topics. They are answerable to each question and explain to you to the last. In doubt classes, you are free to ask repeated doubts. If you have, they will not deny in explaining.

8) 100% Job assistance

They guarantee 100% Job assistance. If you have the skills to follow all the steps they make you learn throughout the course, then it is easy to get an excellent job. They help you get your first job if you put effort into you. No one is coming to your place with a job. You have to work hard to achieve it. 


This article will help you know why to join the Quibus training for the digital marketing course in Jaipur( Offline Classes) and join online classes from anywhere. It focuses on all the reasons sincerely that are mentioned above.

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