Whether you’re into the latest news in the world of sports and video games, or just a fan of the games themselves, 8Xbet has you covered. The site offers free sports and game news, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the best information.

Teddy Sheringham

Earlier this year, 8Xbet signed a brand ambassadorship with former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham. He’ll produce regular content for the site, and help the company gain a foothold in Asia. In addition, he’ll serve as the company’s official betting partner in the region.

The partnership is part of a larger marketing strategy to build brand awareness in the Asian market. It is also a means of building trust among consumers. That’s because Teddy Sheringham is a household name in Asian football fandom.

Aside from his appearance in the marketing campaigns of 8Xbet, Sheringham is also involved with the website’s YouTube channel. He produces video content analyzing games. However, the majority of his videos get less than 100 views.

During his career, Sheringham has won three Premier League titles, an Intercontinental Cup, and a Footballer of the Year award. He has also scored 12 goals in over 50 appearances for England.


Among the many sports news websites, there are some that stand out. The website 8Xbet has been around for over 10 years and is a great place to find breaking news and information about your favorite sports teams. It has live game streams and features original hometown writing. The website also has a social buzz feed and a handy app. Using this app, you can save and bookmark your favorite stories.

The website offers several breaking news articles about major sporting events. It also has a sports section and a college sports section. The website has an impressive arsenal of features and will likely add more content in the future. Unlike other websites, this one is easy to use and navigate. It’s also worth checking out the TIN90min sports newsletter. The site also offers exclusive video highlights of major sporting events.

Thao 247

Among the many sports and game news websites that are available, 8Xbet is a good place to start. It is designed to make gaming and sports news easy to understand and follow. You can sign up for free to get access to the latest news. The site also has a forum for fans to talk about their favorite teams. You can book tickets through the site, and can even post predictions for games to win prizes.

EightX is a popular website for sports news, and has a big readership. It offers several features, like an extensive video library, a betting game, and a forum for sports fans to discuss their favorite teams. It also has a huge database of breaking news stories.

The best part about this website is that it is free to use. It has a user-friendly graphical interface, and is updated daily. It has a big data-driven database of sports events, news, and trends, and is an excellent source of sports information for the Vietnamese community.


Founded in 2018, 8Xbet is a gambling company. It offers live scores and breaking news of major sports events. It has a website and social media accounts. It is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. It is operated by TGP Europe, which is based on the Isle of Man.

The company’s founder is Ryan Li. A former footballer, he was a member of the 1999 Champions League winning team. He also played for Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham. He is a household name amongst football fans in Asia. He is the 12th all-time leading scorer with 146 goals. He won three Premier League titles and the Intercontinental Cup during his four-year career.

He has also appeared in 8xbet’s marketing campaigns. However, his home-made analysis videos receive very little viewership. They usually get less than a hundred views.

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